The Beacon Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 2, March 2015

Beacon is Breaking the Chains of Poverty

The mission of Beacon Ministries is to transform lives and communities

in response to Jesus’ call to serve “the least of these among us.”

Our Service Area: Shiloh, Swansea, Belleville

O’Fallon, Fairview Heights, Caseyville

Beacon’s Trivia Night scheduled for February 28 was snowed out! The new date is May 2, 2015. The location is the same: St. Augustine School Gym, 1910 Belle St., Belleville. Details to follow in the April 2015 Beacon Bulletin. Call Carol at 222-8942 to reserve a table for 8 or 10. Hopefully, it won’t snow!

Client Assistance Fund Helps People Help Themselves

      “When people call Beacon you can often hear the fear in their voices. They are in a very dark place. Beacon is here to shine the light of Jesus into those dark places,” says Dan VandeRiet, Director of Ministries at Beacon.

Dan tells about such a situation: A gentle-man (we’ll call him James) moved in with his aging parents to care for them. He discovered they were about to be evicted from their home because they hadn’t been able to pay their rent. He called Beacon. Dan contacted the landlord who said that if James could come up with $625, he would withdraw the eviction. Jim said he couldn’t come up with that much. Dan told him we could put in $100. Between what money he had, and what he got for pawning his laptop computer, he raised $525. As James hung up the phone, Dan heard him say to someone in the background, “God has truly blessed us today.”

Dan turned to Beacon’s new Client Assistance Fund for the money to help James and his parents to keep their home. The Beacon Client Assistance Fund opened for business January 1. By the end of February, nine families had received cash assistance to help get them through financial crises. The average grant was $81. The total was $727.

All requests were for considerably more than the amount we granted. Dan has done a masterful job of getting maximum benefit from every dollar we provide from the Client Assistance Fund. By working with the clients to find additional money, and with landlords and utility companies to facilitate catch-up plans, our grants, serving as leverage, were multiplied three to four times. Evictions, utility shutoffs, loss of employment, and other crises are resolved by the application of modest amounts of money accompanied by encouragement and guidance.

     During January and February, income to the Client Assistance Fund was $125. Obviously, the fund cannot be sustained without increased income. We are asking our partner and support churches, and members of your congregations, to become subscribers to the find. This must be an “over and above” gift, since we depend on all our partners and supporters to help sustain Beacon’s ministries that make the Client Assistance Fund and other services possible.

Please consider sharing a portion of your church’s benevolence fund with Beacon, in consideration of the service we provide to you.   By providing support and assistance to people you refer to us, or who would be at your doorstep without Beacon, you, as well as the people in need, benefit. You will find a subscription form on the next page of the BULLETIN. You may print it out and mail or email it to us. Thank you for your support of Beacon’s ministries!

Furniture Ministry

Urgently Needs Donations

We especially need bedroom furniture, especially beds. Kitchen tables and chairs are also priority items. We also welcome living room furniture. Please call us at 222-8942. We will make arrangements to pick up your donation. Please help!

Beacon Client Assistance Fund

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