Sarah has had a rough life. She had been addicted to drugs and it had taken her to a dark place. She ended up pregnant and alone. She sought help through the Chestnut Mental Health facility. She had completed a program at Chestnut that first cleaned her up from the drugs, and then helped her to get back on the right track. They helped her to get into her own apartment. That’s when she called Beacon. She was living in this apartment with no furniture at all. Sarah called and explained that she was 7 months pregnant and was sleeping on the floor. Here was a young woman who truly had a need that the Beacon Furniture Ministry was designed to handle. We set her up for a delivery and the day came when she would get her furniture. The volunteers that deliver the furniture showed up early that Saturday morning. They loaded the trucks and set out to deliver that days furniture. When they got to Sarah’s house she was so excited. She wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.

I look at Beacon and see that the ministry is truly the hands and feet of Christ. We even have different parts without which any of this would not work. We have our intake workers who handle calls like Sarah’s. We have the volunteers that work getting things set up for our Saturday deliveries. We have the two wonderful churches in Cornerstone and Union United Methodist, which supply the volunteers for our deliveries. We have the leaders of those groups in Rick Hodshire and Dick Frette. Without any of these parts Sarah doesn’t get her furniture. As the Director of Ministry of Beacon I send out a huge thank you to every part of the ministry. And as part of the Body of Christ I encourage all of us to keep up the good work for the Glory of God.